15. Sorrowful hills – the Space Shuttle Disaster and war clouds in Iraq

Dear Jonas
space-shuttle-disaster-and-iraq-war-clouds.jpgIt was amazing to read Ed’s account of thunder over the Texas plain on a blue Saturday morning.

Aspirations, beauty and death – these are thought-provoking counterpoints at a critical time in destiny.

It is truly my privilege to see such drama unfold through different eyes half a world away. To witness, and perhaps not to pass a view.

It’s just that as I run through a serene English winter’s afternoon, I wonder how will our two countries grieve the first seven victims of the forthcoming conflict ? And the next seven thousand, or seven hundred thousand ?

With unequal column inches and so much less sanctimony and pomp, that is certain. These people will not die as heroes, but they will have had aspirations and visions of beauty just the same. Lives cut short, for avoidable cause.

It is far away and so little to do with us, yet done in our name by people who forget that each human life is of equal value, whatever the colour of the flag on the coffin.

Tragedy is not a word of scale, but whatever God or Right we may think is on our side, I fear we risk a million tragedies tomorrow whilst mourning this one today.

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