The origins of this roads of stone site stretch back deep in time.

The column began in the autumn of 2002 as a series of contributions to the runningcommentary.net and Hal Higdon Chicago Marathon training websites, documenting my expedition to the Windy City to take part in the race of a lifetime.

A few years on, I’m still running, and I’m still writing. But many miles and many words later, I’ve realised that this really isn’t a running diary after all. It’s an experimental writing project, and it’s about the views along the way.

laguna negra, burgos (spain)I’m a geologist and I love the open air, the world around me, and the Earth beneath my feet. You’ll find wet lanes and lonely towpaths here, as well as cloudy hilltops and busy city streets. Landscapes, the environment, history, sport, music and politics, too – and they’re all important to me.

Perspectives, reflections and endeavour lie hidden in any lifetime’s journey.

And now I think of it, maybe that’s what roads of stone is really all about.

Guildford, UK
August 2006