14. A London favourite – running on the South Bank

Dear Shelagh
sunset-london-eye-and-big-ben.jpgMy personal favourite London run is along the South Bank, westwards towards the sunset from Tower Bridge.

It’s three miles past Tate Modern, St Paul’s and the Wobbly Bridge to the National Theatre and the Millennium Wheel. Three more will see you pass the Houses of Parliament to finish at Vauxhall Bridge. Some of Monet’s best skylines to admire along the way.

Another memorable trip is to take a boat from Charing Cross past Canary Wharf to Greenwich, and on foot to the Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. It’ll be three months after the London Marathon, but you’ll see where it all starts. And you can set your watch, too.

Have a great trip !

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3 responses to “14. A London favourite – running on the South Bank

  1. morgan elizabeth robinson


  2. Yes, Morgan — London’s South Bank is one of my very favourite places to run.

    I’ll be passing the London Eye on my way into the West End in just about half an hour from now. Best wishes from the Monday morning train.


    I love London so much — I can’t wait to be there on my birthday. First thing I want to do is see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. I am a big London fan.

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