13. A winter night’s fartlek – Guildford town and track

Best run of the week was my evening 6 miler on Sunday. I couldn’t face my usual dark lanes, so instead used the opportunity to explore some of the well-lit town streets. I haven’t done this for a while but the enforced navigation stops and traffic light breaks make for an enjoyable sort of fartlek.

Eventually made it down to Guildford Spectrum running track, where Roger Black used to train. He is the British athlete who always finished second to Michael Johnson in the Olympic 400 m.

There were puddles on the track and no floodlights but the springy surface makes for smooth pace running. Four 2:10 laps made an 8:40 mile. Quick breather then a hard single lap in tribute to Roger before heading homewards up the hill for a Sunday dinner of tortillas, refried beans and guacamole.


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