80. Paul Simon – lines from an English railway platform

homeward-bound-paul-simon-guildford-station.jpgI’m sitting on old Guildford station
Got a ticket for my destination
How I wish I was
Homeward bound

I’m on a tour by rail you see
‘Cos tonight I’m out in the great City
And the day at work’s begun for me
This rock hound with a BlackBerry

And every day’s an endless stream
Of coffee cups and computer screen
But Crawley looks the same to me
The Fastway and the factories
And every new e-mail I see
Reminds me that I long to be
Homeward bound

Tonight I’ll drink some beer again
A pint of Stella, or Speckled Hen
And all those rocks’ll come back to me
In seismic waves, of grey North Sea
Limestones, shales and unconformity
Let’s call it work, but it’s fun for me

Homeward bound
I wish I was
Homeward bound
Home – where my guitar is playing
Home – where my rock hammer’s waiting
Silently for me ….

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