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38. At last, the rewards of strife

winter-trees-sunset.jpgTwice this week, I had company whilst running. On Monday, I ran with my boss.

No gentle outing this, perpetually waiting for the breathless old codger to catch up, for this boss is different. Different enough to have a 2:52 marathon PB.
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32. The bad run

What are the causes of a bad run ? I’m sure there are many.

In general, I’d expect these to result from overtraining or poor rest. But I’m not sure it follows, since I’ve had a couple of bad runs following days off and early nights recently. In each case, I felt fine during the morning, but was sluggish, dead-legged and repeatedly tempted to walk when I ran at lunchtime.

Conversely, sometimes I can run surprisingly well on jet-lag or when I have very disrupted sleep. I can feel ragged and near the edge but run fast.

Can being too well rested result in a lack of adrenaline ? It’s a mystery.


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31. Running slow

river-wey-near-stoke-lock-guildford.jpgRunning without a watch can be very helpful for many runners. The once or twice that I have done it, it did feel great, honest….

I’ve been intrigued about the idea of base training, and read up about it recently on Greg McMillan’s running site which, incidentally, also has a fantastic race prediction calculator.

As a dedicatedly one-pace runner, I hardly ever train at slower pace, but perhaps I really should try practising what I’ve preached to others in the past.
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10. My best run of the year

Best run was the Bath Half Marathon in March. On laughably low training of around 12 miles per week and with just one 10 miler behind me, my plan was to start way too fast and try to hang on. Fresh undertrained legs made this strategy work and gave me a PR of 1:51:25.

My best training run was an Edinburgh 7 miler in early November sunshine.

My best running moment by far was taking in the view whilst crossing the Chicago River at Mile 11 on 13th October, out in front of the legendary ‘Bunny Ears’ 4:00 pace group. Soon to be followed by my worst running moment as those Bunny Ears disappeared into the distance at Mile 21 that same morning. No surprise then that my second best, and certainly my most thankful, running moment was a very thankful cruise down Columbus Drive some 50 eternally long minutes later….


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9. Year end mileage – 2002 training distance

london-to-rome-map.jpg1 191 miles.

That’s the same as London to Rome, Italy (1 165 miles),
plus 26 miles in Chicago.

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