10. My best run of the year

Best run was the Bath Half Marathon in March. On laughably low training of around 12 miles per week and with just one 10 miler behind me, my plan was to start way too fast and try to hang on. Fresh undertrained legs made this strategy work and gave me a PR of 1:51:25.

My best training run was an Edinburgh 7 miler in early November sunshine.

My best running moment by far was taking in the view whilst crossing the Chicago River at Mile 11 on 13th October, out in front of the legendary ‘Bunny Ears’ 4:00 pace group. Soon to be followed by my worst running moment as those Bunny Ears disappeared into the distance at Mile 21 that same morning. No surprise then that my second best, and certainly my most thankful, running moment was a very thankful cruise down Columbus Drive some 50 eternally long minutes later….


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