154. Thinking blogger award

thinking-blogger-award.jpg Hot news from the internet red carpets of Tinseltown is that thanks to EllaElla of From Scratch, this site has been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award.

english-summer-2007.jpg That must surely have been a misprint, though.

Certainly Tuesday evening’s incredibly muddy Hash Run through a thunderstorm might much more easily have led to a Sinking Blogger.

The trashed state of my socks later could also have justified the soubriquet of Stinking Blogger (but let’s not go there, shall we?)

pyrford-lock-surrey-hash-2007.jpgAnd after ‘following’ a floating flour trail during a torrential cloudburst, a belated arrival at the pub was more than cause enough for my enthusiastic reclassification as a Drinking Blogger.

Honestly, Ella, there wasn’t all that much thinking involved, but thank you very much, all the same.

The award brings with it a “spread the joy” request to share, by tagging five other blogs – those which make me think.

So here they are:

At Twilight – by a Chicago poet and philosopher who expresses the lyrical meaning of life, love and loss better than anyone I know;

Bad Buddha – by an ultramarathoner in Dallas, Texas. Running for eight or nine hours at a stretch over the Texas plains and hills provides more than enough time to find the answer to life, more infallibly even than Douglas Adams;

French Windows – by another poet and writer in Grenoble, Gigi, who writes of France with an affection and understanding that shines through her work;

St Bloggie de Rivière– by a talented writer in Languedoc, who knows art and books, too (some cultural balance is needed around here, somewhere);

Warrior Women – who leaves me in such an unlikely combination of awe and mirth, for her dedication to fitness as well as her hilarious tales of running adventures and commuting disasters (often undertaken simultaneously).

rainbow-pyrford-surrey-july-2007.jpgCongratulations to all five of the above, and if you choose to participate, here’s the fine print:

If, and only if, I tagged your blog, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

Link here so that people can find the origin of your award.

On On !

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7 responses to “154. Thinking blogger award

  1. Much thanks for the mention, Roads. If I make your blog surfing a bit more helpful, then I’m happy to share.

    And congratulations to you; very well deserved. You’re one of the best reads out there!

    Now it seems I have to share the wealth with four others …

  2. Pingback: Head cases on the Internet: blogs that make me think « Bad Buddha

  3. Well Roads, I think you well and truly deserve the nomination. My folks are visiting this weekend and last night I set my dad on to your blog who I reckon will become a regular reader of yours.
    Must say I was very shocked to notice a mention in your post but thanks very much!

  4. Ohhhhh….when I could still run, 10 kms everyday for over 20 years I actually did think…a lot..but not very high-fly thoughts!

    I thought about the day to come, my children, the days tasks, the horses and all, and in actual fact the thinking in question made me feel organised and sereine.

    I’m afraid I betrayed all the keep fit folks as it did not even occur to me that it was keeping me fit, muscle bound and brown as a berry….I just liked it.

    Liked the way I felt, liked the things I saw..and liked it getting all my ideas in place for the day to come.

    At the time (I’m an old old biddy) running, and a woman to boot, and in very USA gear floored the local yocals who thought all of us were at home making boeuf bourginon! I had some fairly amusing and or rude commentries made by those I passed in front of, and, although I’m better at rhetorique than repartee I managed to say a few cunning things to reply.

    Thank you Roads…thanks to your blog….I’m now running again (by proxy). And also thanks to you, for whilst browsing thru your prose I remember all the countryside of my early childhood days………and the good english written that goes with it. Please forgive mine, less rusty than it was, and getting better day by day.

    It’s a good thing that what I now do every day does not need any writing or talking to be achieved!!!

    So, if you can make wishes come true – I’d like to run again too, please.

    Some people dream of wealth and fame…if I could make a wish come true it would be to go running every morning again with my faithful dogs.

  5. Thank you Roads…I do enjoy your blog. When I read your posts, I let my imagination run wild – because my knees can’t take the strain these days 🙂

  6. Gosh, I’m flattered! Thanks Roads. Mind you, half the time I think my brain is frazzled. Maybe I manage to put the other half into my blog!!

  7. Thanks to all of you, for so much thinking matter when I’m out on those roads of stone.

    Enjoy your awards – they’re richly deserved all round.

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