145. Roads of Stone update

This site has moved to a new dedicated domain at http://roadsofstone.com
– so please update your RSS feeds and outgoing links accordingly.

guildford-high-street-21-april-2007.jpgRe-directs are in place and everything else remains the same.

Meanwhile, there is more writing on the way … so thanks for reading.


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4 responses to “145. Roads of Stone update

  1. I guess this makes you the Master of Your Domain?

    (old Seinfeld joke)

  2. Yes, indeed. As well as Demister of My Remains.

  3. Congrats on the move. I still haven’t completely moved all my stuff from the free version of WordPress.

    The next time I start a blog, I’ll just start with my own domain.

  4. Thanks very much, Perry.

    It’s good to move the furniture round, once in a while. Meanwhile, there’s a lot more junk up there in the attic, and indeed some of it is very likely to be posted here soon …

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