93. On-on ! My life as a Hash Hare

Patent Hash Run Recipe:
Take 56 assorted geologists and geophysicists, and send them outside in the worst rainstorm of the summer. Convolve with a devious trail of flour, and confuse liberally for 4 miles across the green fields and by-ways of West Sussex. Add water or a little beer.

Leave to stand for 15 minutes, and then stretch out for a further mile before serving at the Plough Inn. Add several pints of Harvey’s ale, and a well-seasoned chili. Allow to simmer sociably for at least two hours, ensuring that the innocent and the guilty are castigated in equal measure.

A pleasant evening’s exercise, best served dry, but also highly enjoyable damp. Follow-up with taxi transport home, and wash down with water and two paracetamol in the morning. Perfection !


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