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8. Lakeshore reflections – Chicago Marathon review

Dear Andy
A marathon is such a huge experience. Afterwards, it is very hard to capture how you felt at the time, but it is so important to try. If someone asked you in a year’s time, you’d say, well it was great, or, it was fine, my knee got sore for a while but I made it.

chicago-skylines.jpgBut there is so much more to it than that, so many more moments which go to make up the marathon tapestry. You don’t want to forget them. Ever.

Chicago (sorry, “Shick-aggo”) has taken a long time to settle down for me. I don’t think it will, finally, for a long time. But in a way, it still continues. More than anything, the thought I share with you is that the marathon is a journey. It’s one I am so glad I made.
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