171. A splash of Burgundy in winter

blue-sky-through-the-trees-epsom-december-by-i-am-jae-at-flickrdotcom.jpgThe sun is wan and thin today, struggling weakly to light the path around the park as I lope my way through the winter afternoon on this, the shortest day.

Christmas is just around the corner.

In Ashtead Woods, near the famous Epsom Wells, my footsteps fall silent among the leaves. The track is lined here with silver birch trees, stripped bare to show glimpses of greyed out sky behind. A still and unforgiving air is rushing past my face. I hear the rhythm of my breathing, and nothing more.

I let my mind fall empty. And dream of a frozen hillside, in another season.

* * * * *

The frost is on the ground – shining sheaves of white splashed on the grass beside the road. It’s late October, dawn. With chilly hands stuffed inside my sleeves, I’m fighting up a steeply rising lane.

At this early hour, my stiff legs are unexcited about the slope. My heavy stomach and a thickened head recall a feast of French food and wine consumed in happier hours just a thirsty, restless sleep behind me.

burgundy-france-hillside-dawn-october-2007.jpgA curve sweeps ahead atop the climb, and I strive to meet it, counting out each breath and gasping in my exertion.

Twenty, thirty – forty – my feet keep turning, and at last I crest the ridge to greet an unexpected dazzling sunlight where yellow leaves are exploding from the vines.

burgundy-france-golden-autumn-vines-october-2007.jpg The road falls away, and the green and silver fields of Burgundy stretch far beyond. The sun is stronger here, warming cold skin in seconds. The first breathless kilometre is behind me, and I’ll find my rhythm now.

My music falls silent for a moment, shuffling, and then it starts. Gradually at first, then rising slowly, building to a rich and familiar crescendo. I rarely listen to opera, but here is, Pavarotti, opening up the day with ‘Nessun Dorma’.

And this is it – that unexpected moment, in the unfamiliar place. The raw and cleansing emotion of realising that you are free and alive, out in the open air and standing on the Earth. roadsign-near-chardonnay-burgundy-france.jpgThe sensation of embedding yourself in endless time and energy and landscape, and of truly witnessing a season.

An autumn waving back to me across a mile of winter.

* * * * *

The street lights are stuttering into evening life as my run brings me past the ancient church and slowly back from France to Epsom.

the-walk-home-epsom-surrey-england-by-ms-82-at-flickrdotcom.jpgThis year is closing on my much neglected book of writing, but there are more miles and views ahead, and that’s a promise.

Until then, I wish you a perfect run through Christmas, and an exuberant stride to take you right through your New Year.

171. A splash of Burgundy in winter : : 171. A splash of Burgundy in winter : : 171. A splash of Burgundy in winter : : del.icio.us:171. A splash of Burgundy in winter : : 171. A splash of Burgundy in winter : : 171. A splash of Burgundy in winter

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5 responses to “171. A splash of Burgundy in winter

  1. Season’s greetings, Roads.
    Running in heavily frosted hills these past few days has been joyful.

    Here’s to another year of blissful solitude amongst the finest nature has to offer.

  2. And a Merrry Christmas to you as well, Sweder.

    Frost-freckled hills, the crunch of frozen leaves under foot. A splash of Burgundy, or even Rioja …

    Yes, I’ll drink a toast to all of those. Enjoy your festive season – and here’s to some running on Christmas Eve to earn that feast to follow.

  3. Feliz Navidad, R. Merry Christmas, everybody.

    Best wishes from the south-east of Spain.

    Saludos desde Almería


  4. Happy Christmas Roads!
    I enjoy reading this blog.. keep it up in 2008!
    And thanks for the Azul y Negro track that you sent me … happy memories.

  5. Muchas gracias, muchachos.

    Many thanks for your best wishes and all kind regards to you in Spain.

    Happy New Year !

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