162. The bravest run of all – Jane Tomlinson

jane-tomlinson-1964-2007.jpgThe BBC reported yesterday that Jane Tomlinson had finally lost her fight against breast cancer.

I don’t agree.

It was an unequal battle, certainly.

But the cancer never stood a chance.

Jane Tomlinson obituaries: The Times; The Guardian
Jane Tomlinson links: Jane’s Appeal; Jane’s achievements

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4 responses to “162. The bravest run of all – Jane Tomlinson

  1. Hi Roads
    Your link to Jane’s appeal isn’t working.
    Shame to miss out on the contributions your post might generate.

  2. Thanks, Angela. Fixed it.

  3. All poorly people say an enormous thank you to Jane.

    Thanks to her courage, one realises that we could go on whatever, fight back, and keep doing all the things which enhance a sporty person’s life.

    How I admire her and how I thank her (no way will I talk of her in the past tense), some people don’t die, they just go next door to wait for you!

    Thanks to her, everything seems possible at any time.

    Thank you Jane, and God Bless you, and thank you Roads for the hommage paid.

  4. Well said, Diane. Merci.

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