20. My last ever marathon

#1 – 2001 London – a world class marathon, in the city where I now live.

#2 – 2002 Chicago – a World Record Marathon, the finest and fastest in the US.

#3 – 2003 Stratford-upon-Avon – my hometown marathon, with closing symmetry in the town where I grew up.


My perfect marathon tour has just a month left and I have two questions to ask:

Hill work – after mixed success and some injuries from intervals, this time I have profited from a hard, hilly 7 miler built into my weekly pattern. How many weeks out should I cut this run from my routine ?

Pace – my marathon best is 4:05 from Chicago. This spring I have brought my half marathon time down by 4 minutes to 1:47:22. As a big guy, I will slow a little towards the end of any marathon or even 20 mile training run. Stratford has a couple of smallish hills, but is otherwise mostly flat.

Bearing all this in mind – what could I realistically set as time goals for the first half and the race overall ?

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