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183. Kenya 7: new light on a dark continent

This poster called as I walked from the station, reminding me that it’s time to wrap up my series on Kenya. My visit last summer left me with a whole lot to say about the country, about Africa, and our … Continue reading

179. Kenya 6: Africa – how can we help?

What can we do to help the people of Africa? Should we visit, as tourists? Is it enlightenment, or voyeurism, when tour companies arrange sightseeing trips to the ghettoes of Nairobi? The problems are so massive that it’s easy to … Continue reading

172. Kenya 5: on corruption and a crooked election

‘Say No to Corruption,’ read the badge on the immigration officer’s sleeve at Mombasa airport. Drawing our attention to the issue, right from the moment when we entered the country. Kenya’s president from 1978 to 2002, Daniel arap Moi, was … Continue reading

168. Kenya 4: on the orphanage, and AIDS

The loss of one parent is traumatic enough, for any child. The loss of both must be almost unbearable. At home, it happens rarely. But in Kenya, it happens a whole lot more. The reasons ? Simple enough. There isn’t … Continue reading

166. Kenya 3: Masai Mara – the last wilderness

Cool grey skies hang their high curtain above the savannah this morning. Scarcely any flash of colour. Just pale grassland, reaching as far as the eye can see, the horizon broken only by the gentle rise of distant hills and … Continue reading

164. Kenya 2 – the dusk behind the beach

‘… So often I had felt irritated with people who arrived here, lived in “little Europe” or “little America” (in luxury hotels), and departed, bragging later that they had been to Africa, a place in reality they had never seen.’ … Continue reading